Innovate in Reunion Island

Présentation générale

Innovation is a major focus in the development strategy of Reunion Island.

Given the slowdown in the traditional drivers of Reunion’s growth – population, government transfer payments, safeguards and import substitution – innovation must become the impetus for a transition to a new model of development, whose watchwords are competitiveness, sustainability, solidarity and economic openness.

For this reason a Regional Innovation Strategy (SRI) for Reunion was adopted by the French Government and Reunion’s Regional and General Councils in November 2010 and sent to the European Commission. The SRI strategy aims to structure Reunion Island, and improve the “regional innovation machine” to achieve a new phase of development. The goal is to create an environment that stimulates the innovation process in Reunion.

Reunion Island has many competitive advantages, in particular its UNESCO-recognised outstanding natural heritage, and its dual affiliation to both the European Union and the Indian Ocean basin.

Reunion also has significant geo-strategic assets, and material, human and financial resources that create an environment conducive to the development of Research, Development and Innovation.


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