Project Leader : Nicolas Schmutz
Company created in 2010
Incubation budget : €56.7 K
Affiliated laboratory : PIMENT – University of Reunion
Description : REUNIWATT focuses on three activities: a system of photovoltaic production called Soleka, the implementation of climate information systems and the provision of expertise concerning energy mix. The incubation budget enabled this start-up company to develop Soleka, an innovative tool for predicting photovoltaic energy production, which has received several awards: winner of the NETVA 2012 call for projects, and twice winner at the National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Technologies – in the ‘Emerging’ category in 2011 and the ‘Creation & Development’ category in 2013.

Website http://reuniwatt.com/fr/

Winner of the National Competition for Innovative Business Creation, in the ‘Emerging’ category, and winner of the NETVA award for 2012.



Project Leader : Marion LACRONIQUE
Incubation budget : €53 K
Affiliated laboratory : ARRDHOR CRITT Horticole, La Rochelle
Description : Here in Reunion Island, Marion Lacronique creates fashionable fair-trade clothes which are 100% natural. Natural fibres are dyed with Reunionese plants to create clothing made ??of silk or linen, as well as jewellery and accessories.

Website http://www.lilemarion.com/


Project Leader : Henri CLERVIL
Company created in 2005
Incubation budget : €77.7 K
Affiliated laboratory : Laboratory for Construction Physics and Systems, Reunion
Description : The creation of a new building material made ??from slag, from which formwork elements were developed and can be dry-joined together. This method is simpler, faster and less restrictive than breezeblocks. In 2013, the project took on a new dimension thanks to direct investment from Nexa and other industrial partners.

In 2005 the project received an award in the ‘Emerging’ category at the National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Technologies.


Porteur : Jean-François PICHONNIERE
Budget incubation :  68.7 K€
Laboratoire d’adossement : CSTB
Description : Système de climatisation/chauffage réversible mis au point en étroite collaboration avec le CSTB. Cette nouvelle technologie apportera un meilleur confort et bien-être dans l’habitat réunionnais, tout en réduisant la consommation d’énergie, le taux d’humidité dans les habitations des hauts et l’émission de gaz à effet de serre.


Project Leader : Jim Rivière
Company created in 2009
Incubation budget: €72.9 K
Affiliated laboratory : CTBA
Description : interlocking wooden ‘bricks’ enabling people to build their own home. This company now offers quick and aesthetic assembling of houses, rural hostels, chalets and bungalows.


Project Leader : Dominique RIO
Company created in 2006
Incubation budget :
€65.2 K
Affiliated laboratory : Pignat/Separex
Description : This is a process for the ecological treatment and recycling of small deposits of waste oils. In fact, no method currently exists which can treat this waste problem common to all countries isolated from the world’s major economic regions, either by distance or insularity.


Project Leader : Alain VIDAILLAC
Company created in 2011
Incubation budget : €41.5 K
Affiliated laboratory : CSTB
Description : Construction parts for assembling buildings made up of sections of walls and floorboards. The company was founded in July 2011.

The project was awarded at the National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Technologies in the ‘Emerging’ category for 2009 and the ‘Creative Development’ category in 2010.


Project Leader : Patrick Hoarau
Company creation currently in progress
Incubation budget : €14.9 K
Affiliated laboratory : CIRAD, Reunion
Description : Manufacture and supply of innovative and environmental dry toilets, with automated maintenance requiring neither electricity, water, nor human intervention, aiming to supply equipment to remote areas (national parks, tourist sites, public events…). Four prototype toilets have already been installed in some public places in Reunion.


Project Leader : Youssouf KASSAMALY
Company created in 2008
Incubation budget : €49.5 K
Affiliated laboratory : LE2P, Réunion
Description : This project is based on the development of an innovative technology system using the Ethernet to supply energy to power LEDs. Microlampoo designs lighting systems, and makes and installs lamps.

Website www.microlampoo.com


Project Leader : Isabelle RICOEUR
Incubation budget : €67.7 K
Description : The product was a safety and rescue service, mainly for divers but also for all water sports enthusiasts, following observations from sporting and governmental authorities that there was a lack of visibility and measures in finding people out at sea. The project was not carried through.


Project Leader : Jean-Philippe Arnould
Incubation budget : €24.1K
Affiliated laboratory : PIMENT – University of Reunion.
Description : Flat boards of vegetation (from plants and trees) to cover the surfaces of buildings with a layer of vegetation in order to hide less aesthetic elements. Due to feasibility problems, the project was not developed, but Mr. Arnold continues his activities as an entrepreneur in plant architecture and horticultural training.


Project Leader : Philippe PINTEAU
Company created in 2008
Incubation budget : €0 K
Description : The project involved the creation of a system of blinds combined with photovoltaic sunscreens providing premises with autonomous and automated natural ventilation, designed in accordance with the PERENE label. For administrative reasons, this project did not benefit from any incubation budget, but nonetheless the Technopole de la Réunion assisted in the creation of EURL RUNTEK in Reunion in 2008, set up by M. Pinteau alongside another business project for an engineering and industrial development consultancy.

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