Our support services

Our support services
 picto-star-black OUR OBJECTIVE : To mark out your innovative company’s path of success
picto-star-green OUR SUPPORT: Project engineering and internal advice, provision of tools and external support services, in order to better guide and assist the project leader in the process of business creation
 picto-star-orange MAXIMUM DURATION : Accompaniment during a 24 month incubation period
 picto-star-blue FINANCING : Selection of external experts and amount of direct funding for services according to the established overall budget, of which a part comes in the form of a repayable advance (40% of reimbursable services for the two years following the end of the incubation period)
 picto-star-black CONFIDENTIALITY : Commitment Charter signed by all stakeholders at the pre-incubation stage

Internal support

Through regular meetings, the incubator’s project supervisors enable project leaders not only to explore and experiment, but also to express their doubts and exchange ideas. They also bring in their expertise regarding the creation of innovative businesses and provide the entrepreneurs with guidance concerning the approach and management of their project. Finally, they also have the perspective necessary to ensure the project’s consistency and progress.

  • Strategic advice
  • Integration into the business community
  • Administrative management
  • Examining of files
  • Travelling away from Reunion Island

Research services

The business incubator works alongside French laboratories (in both Reunion and Mainland France) and researchers in all areas: electronics, chemistry, biotechnology, IT, etc. The project’s affiliation to a research laboratory thanks to a collaboration agreement signed during the incubation period enables a transfer of knowledge which in turn provides the future company with a strategic competitive advantage. In exchange, the laboratory benefits from the results of the research itself.

Other services

The regional business incubator benefits from a network of experts from all domains, well versed in the many demands to be met when accompanying innovative projects.

  • Business Plan : Market research / Market positioning
  • Intellectual Property : filing of patents, brands and logos
  • Legal aid : statutes, shareholder agreements, etc
  • Statutory contributions : correct usage of capital contributions
  • Communication : packaging, logos, media information, etc

The regional business incubator also provides support travel outside Reunion Island for your project.

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