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Why becoming a member?


Receive individual and customized coaching

  • to business creation through incubator tool
  • for the development of your project (in the custom installation and monitoring support)
  • for logistics: meeting room, debit, etc.



Join a dynamic network

  •  Belonging to a network of 1,500 local actors
  • Invitations to regular meetings of the network
  • Valuation of your business in local and national showcase


Entering a stimulating environment

  • Support the installation of your company on a technology parks
  • Regular monitoring of needs and expectations
Other advantages:

  • opportunity of publishing your news in our monthly newsletter in the special members’ section,
  • invitation to ‘breakfast sessions’,
  • benefit from a preferential contact point for all advice.

Who can join and how?

  • Public or private training and research establishments as well as development bodies or organisations for scientific and technological promotion.
  • Companies that fall under one of the Technopole de la Réunion’s four Divisions of Excellence (agri-food, environment, health and ICT)
  • Associations, professional group representatives and public institutions.

A simple application for membership should be completed (see form below) and return to us. The application will be submitted for consideration by the Bureau, which has delegation by the Board of Directors to proceed with the validation of new accessions.


Discover our members


Contribution rates

Admission: € 500 for any business > 1 year old

Annual contribution as of 01/01/2014

16/YEAR bar-individu INDIVIDUALS
32/YEAR bar-entreprise-150k COMPAGNIES WITH TURNOVER < € 150k
162/YEAR bar-entreprise-1500k COMPAGNIES WITH TURNOVER BETWEEN € 150k and € 500k
324/YEAR bar-collectivite COMPAGNIES WITH TURNOVER BETWEEN € 500k and € 1 500k or COUNCILS / ORGANISATIONS (Free if funding body)
540/YEAR bar-entreprise-plus-1500k COMPAGNIES WITH TURNOVER > € 1 500K or if it does not wish to declare the amount of turnover

> € 3 000/year : BENEFACTORY MEMBERS

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